Gopinath Mallipatna Global Director at IMA and Co-Founder & Investor at Startup Basket



With an impressive track record spanning over 25+ years, Dr. Gopinath Mallipatna has held senior leadership positions in multinational companies, showcasing his expertise in finance and general management. His extensive experience spans diverse sectors such as IT, ITES, Heavy Engineering, Life Sciences, Aerospace, Electronics, and Finance. As a co-founder of an investment company, he plays a pivotal role in nurturing and advising early-stage startups, having already made investments in multiple ventures with a strong pipeline for future investments, particularly in the aerospace and related sectors. Gopinath is also a passionate promoter of SatSure, a pioneering deep technology company leveraging satellite data for intelligent solutions. Furthermore, he actively contributes as a board member of the Institute of Management Accountants, USA, and several startups, further enhancing his industry impact.