Keith Hoffler President, Senior Research & Development Engineer, Adaptive Aerospace Group; Advisory Board Member, FAA Center for General Aviation Research (PEGASAS)


Keith Hoffler is the founder and president of Adaptive Aerospace Group (AAG). He has a wide variety of aerospace research and development experience. Keith and AAG are working with NASA, the FAA, and industry to integrate uncrewed aircraft into the national airspace system, develop means to certify Part 23 aircraft with unconventional flight controls, understand the challenges of flying eVTOL aircraft in urban environments, and address other aerospace challenges. Keith has BS and MS degrees in Aerospace Engineering from North Carolina State University, is a commercial/instrumented rated pilot and a participating member of standards committees. He is an AIAA Associate Fellow and an active member of AIAA Technical and Policy Committees. Keith is in the North Carolina State University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Alumni Hall of Fame.