Ruben G. Creus Chief Executive Officer REVO ZERO


Ruben Creus is the Chief Executive Officer of REVO ZERO, a zero-emissions technology company focused on the transportation industry. REVO ZERO is building a hydrogen refueling network in airports and municipalities using its Hydrogen-as-a-Service (HaaS) model. HaaS allows any airport to host REVO ZERO hydrogen dispensers at no cost to the airport as long as at least one dispenser is installed in a publicly accessible area of the airport. REVO ZERO also provides “airport-ready” zero-emissions vehicles under a vehicle-as-a-service model.

Creus has a background in industrial electronics and aviation that helped create a unique value proposition to start the hydrogen REVOlution in the aviation industry. As a natural entrepreneur, Creus has experience in start-ups, growth strategies, and executive management with roles in private and publicly traded companies. Creus has a degree in industrial electronics, a bachelor’s in business administration, and a master’s with a concentration in global business from the American Military University. In addition, Creus has designed avionics systems and participated in aeronautics projects over the last decade. On top, Creus is a passionate aviator and an aircraft pilot with hundreds of flights that over time provided a detailed understanding of the reality that airports face every day with their operations and the need to decarbonize the skies. 

The passion for aviation and the need of airports to decarbonize the skies were the inspiration to find a way to remove complexity and bring an easy and simple HaaS solution to aviation for airports everywhere.