Shawn Fetterolf Director of Federal Strategy Intel Federal

Shawn Fetterolf joined Intel in 2022 after 3 years at Synopsys and nearly 19 years at IBM and IBM Research.

While at IBM Shawn worked on pre-production and later production-qualified bulk planar transistor technologies at 130, 120, 90, 65, and 20nm nodes, he also worked on SOI technologies at the 45, 32, 22, and 14nm nodes. During this time, he supported the definition, bring-up, and operation of IBM’s Trusted Foundry operations as well as High Performance Compute solutions across multiple families of supercomputers. In these roles he led teams of test, characterization, ASIC design/development, as well as process development engineers and scientists.

In 2010 Shawn transferred to IBM France and worked as a Flash memory developer and was appointed the IBM on-site leadership of a three-party collaborative effort in FDSOI process and IP development at the 28, 20/14, and 10nm nodes. He also supported the transfer of the International Semiconductor Development Alliance (ISDA)’s 20nm LPM technology from Research to Production. In these roles he regularly worked with the French and US Governments.

Returning from France in 2015, Shawn led collaboration efforts around EUV tooling, mask, and process development work supporting FinFET as well as gate-all-around transistors at the 14, 10, 7, and 5nm nodes. He also supported MRAM development as well as AI Accelerator architecture efforts.

In parallel he architected, assembled, and led the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) project. This DoD funded project brought together competing parties to solve their shared concerns related to technology access and design for the defense industrial base, government, and commercial suppliers. This work continued upon his departure ultimately influencing the DoD RAMP, MINSAV, and MQA programs.

At Synopsys Shawn co-led Synopsys’s entry into the government space leading R&D and collaboration efforts across the defense industrial base and government. During this time, Shawn also served as the vice-chair of the NDIA Electronics Division.

Now at Intel, Shawn works on mid and long-term Federal strategy to collaboratively support the government and Intel’s combined interests.

He is a named inventor on a diverse portfolio of over 20 patents, and participated in IBM’s Corporate Service Corps in Dodoma, Tanzania helping to establish the University of Dodoma.