Thomas Wiley Senior Director, Advanced Integrated Mission Solutions Raytheon Missiles and Defense



Thomas E. Wiley is Senior Director, Advanced Integrated Mission Solutions, at Raytheon Missiles and Defense reporting to the Vice President of Engineering. He is responsible for leadership of an Engineering Directorate focused on Campaign and Mission Analysis, System Modeling, Operations Research, Integrated Kill Chain Analysis, CONOPS Visualization, System of Systems Architecture and Systems Engineering. 

Mr. Wiley’s previous position was Engineering Fellow, performing the duties of System of Systems Technical Director and Ground Based Command and Control Technical Director for Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems prior to Raytheon Company’s merger with United Technologies Corporation in 2020.  His responsibilities included technical strategy, roadmaps and providing technical leadership for new business captures for domestic and international programs.

Previous roles included Principal Investigator for the Ground Based Integrated Air and Missile Defense IRAD, Systems Architecture lead for the Patriot Program, System Architecture lead for the Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System Capture, and System Architect and Systems Engineering lead for the Combined Aggregate Program. 

Prior to joining Raytheon in 2000, Mr. Wiley worked for Parametric Technology Corporation and for the University of New Hampshire Small Satellite Laboratory.

He is a Raytheon Certified Architect and has completed the Raytheon Chief Engineer / Technical Director Pipeline Program. He is a 2022 graduate of INSEAD Global Leadership Program, 2005 graduate of the Raytheon Engineering Leadership Development Program, and an instructor for the Air Defense module of the Raytheon Systems Engineering Technical Development Program.

Mr. Wiley received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of New Hampshire at Durham