EATS-01: Rolling Recap on Aircraft Electrified Propulsion and Power/NASA Urban Air Grand Challenge 21 August 2019 1400 - 1630

The Rolling Recap session’s objective is to disseminate information in the rapidly emerging and exciting area of Aircraft Electrified Propulsion and Power technology to forum attendees. The session presents a summary of papers/panel sessions from previous AIAA conferences on electric aircraft and propulsion, and keeps the community informed. The session also presents an opportunity to discuss relevant technology developments and activities in the industry.

Starr Ginn will discuss the NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate's (ARMD) plans to host a series of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) “Grand Challenges.” The Grand Challenge (GC) series is designed to promote public confidence in UAM safety, facilitate community-wide learning while capturing the public’s imagination, and give prospective manufacturers and operators insights into the evolving regulatory and operational environment. The Grand Challenge series will focus on Vehicle performance, safety assurance, airspace interoperability, readiness for civil use, and noise.

Chair: Irewole Orisamolu (Pratt & Whitney)
Co-Chair: Nateri Madavan (NASA-Ames Research Center)
Co-Chair: Amy Jankovsky (NASA Glenn Research Center)