Powering Our Future: Diversity and Inclusion in Propulsion Engineering 9 August 2021 1300 - 1430

Please join us for a special session organized by the Gas Turbine Engines Technical Committee on Diversity and Inclusion in Propulsion Engineering. The goal of this event is to actively raise awareness on the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity as it applies to navigating a career in aerospace. It is critical for the aerospace community to raise awareness on the types of unconscious biases that exist in the workplace. In doing so, we can bring out the very best in each other and help unlock future innovations in the global aerospace sector.

This unique event will feature a keynote address by Laura McGill, AIAA President-Elect, and then session participants will break into small, virtual roundtables to hold guided discussions to help learn from the diverse experiences and backgrounds that make up the global aerospace sector. This event will be limited to 50 guests.

Session Co-Chairs

Eric Ruggiero
Karen Thole

  • Laura-McGill Laura J. McGill
    AIAA President; Deputy Laboratories Director, and Chief Technology Officer, Nuclear Deterrence, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Claudine-Phaire-200x200 Claudine Phaire
    Principal Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works
  • Eric Ruggiero Eric Ruggiero
    Engineering Leader in Advanced Military Engineering, GE Edison Works
  • Karen-Thole Karen Thole
    University Distinguished Professor, Pennsylvania State University