FAA Orders Faster Inspection Of Boeing 737 Engines Written 18 May 2018

USA Today reports that the FAA ordered faster inspections of Boeing 737 aircraft engines Wednesday in order to “ensure that the oldest fan blades in about 5,400 engines are inspected by June 30.” In a statement, the FAA said that it is “acting to ensure an extra measure of safety for fan blade performance in CFM56 engines.” This follows a fatal accident aboard an April Southwest Airlines flight linked to one of the engines. The FAA order conforms to a CFM International directive published last week calling for airlines to “hasten inspections for engines with more than 20,000 flights.” In a statement, GE Aviation said that more than 77,000 engine fan blades have been inspected following the incident. Each engine has 24 blades, meaning that “about 3,200 engines or more than 1,600 planes have been inspected.” The FAA has estimated that around 3,716 engines needed to be inspected on US aircraft, but globally “330,000 blades on 13,750 planes will be inspected, according to the manufacturer.” The inspections are estimated to cost US airlines a total of $631,720. 
More Info (USA Today)