New FAA Rules Open Door for Tests of Supersonic Jets Written 7 January 2021


Aerion’s red AS2 and Boom’s Overture represent companies with different approaches to the potential market for supersonic aircraft. | Aerion and Boom; Aerospace America

Bloomberg reports that on Wednesday, the FAA announced that it will ease the requirements for companies to receive permission to conduct supersonic test flights, which are currently prohibited over land. Several companies, such as Aerion Corp. and Boom Technologies, plan to develop jets capable of supersonic flight, “but concerns remain over sonic booms and other environmental issues.” Aerion Chairman and CEO Tom Vice called the new rules “a significant milestone in the development of civil supersonic flight.” Boom said, “We welcome the FAA’s interest in clarifying supersonic test flight rules.” Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said, “Today’s action is a significant step toward reintroducing civil supersonic flight and demonstrates the department’s commitment to safe innovation.”
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