NASA Prepares for Wednesday SLS Fueling Test Written 21 September 2022


After scrubbing the Aug. 29 and Sept. 3 launch attempts, NASA rolls the rocket back to the Vehicle Assembly Building for additional analysis. | Credit: John Tylko for Aerosapce America–©

Spaceflight Now reported that engineers “are ready to reload NASA’s Artemis moon rocket with supercold fuel Wednesday to make sure a repaired liquid hydrogen quick-disconnect fitting is leak free, one of two requirements that must be met before the agency can make a third attempt to launch the huge booster September 27 on the program’s maiden moonshot.” NASA is awaiting a waiver from the Space Force Eastern Range “allowing the unpiloted launch to proceed without first double-checking the health of batteries in the rocket’s self-destruct system.”
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The next anticipated launch window will take place in late September 2022.