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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Approval Process

    Course Approval Process

    Step 1: Course Proposal


    • For a specific course proposal, the potential instructor completes the Course Profile Form and submits it to the staff liaison for Continuing Education. Through this form, the instructor provides information about the course, including:

      • Synopsis
      • Length
      • Type and suitable deliverable format(s)
      • Sponsoring Technical Committee, if appropriate
      • Instructor name(s) and bio(s)
      • Learning objective/key topics
      • Outline
      • Audience (targeted markets)
      • Materials

    • For general suggestions for new courses, the individual completes the Course Suggestion Form and submits it to the staff liaison.


    Step 2: Course Review by AIAA Stakeholder Group


    • The instructor submits the Course Profile Form to the appropriate AIAA Technical Committee (TC) or appropriate AIAA stakeholder group to review it and provide its recommendation for approval/rejection.
    • The TC chair finds a reviewer from the TC to assess the course and complete the AIAA Course Proposal Review/Recommendation Form.


    Step 3: Course Review by CPDC


    • The TC provides the course profile form with the completed review/recommendation form to the staff liaison.
    • If the TC recommends approval of the course, the staff liaison sends the course profile form, the review/recommendation form, and any accompanying materials to the AIAA Career and Professional Development Committee (CPDC). During its review, the committee ensures that this course is aligned with AIAA’s educational needs and strategic goals.
    • If the TC has concerns or suggests changes to the course, the staff liaison will communicate these without attribution to the instructor for consideration.


    Step 4: Course Decision


    • If the CPDC approves the course, the staff liaison informs the proposer and adds it to the master course listing on the AIAA website. This list is promoted on the AIAA website and is the master list used for scheduling courses.
    • If the CPDC does not approve the course, the staff liaison provides feedback to the proposer as to why it was not approved. The proposer can revise the proposed course and resubmit it.


    Step 5: Course Scheduling


    • The staff liaison, the volunteer committees (both CPDC and Forum Program Chairs), and the instructor(s) then discuss possible scheduling for the course at AIAA forums.

    For More Information, Please Contact:

    Jason Cole
    Phone: +1.703.264.7596