TruSTAR Threat Intelligence Exchange

Aerospace Cybersecurity

Aerospace and transportation cybersecurity spending is expected to increase from $8 billion currently to around $14 billion by 2022, according to ABI Research.

Understanding cybersecurity and risk is an extremely daunting challenge. AIAA is here to help! We want to be your resource for what’s happening, specifically in aerospace technology.

AIAA is pleased to present a new corporate member benefit: Membership in the TruSTAR Technology Intelligence Exchange Platform.

What is TruSTAR?

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Adversaries use the same tools and share information to strike multiple sectors. The aerospace industrial sector is not immune to those threats. TruSTAR allows the good guys to share information. This software-as-a-service platform enables anonymous cyberincident-sharing and provides real-time insight into what other companies are experiencing. AIAA corporate members will have access to timely, context-rich intelligence exchanged across the AIAA aerospace enclave and to the broader TruSTAR user community.

AIAA Corporate Members receive two authorized users at no cost.

Why Join the TruSTAR Hosted Exchange?

  • Accelerate Investigation, Mitigation and Protection - Access incident data across a vetted network of global enterprise cyber security operators.
  • Collaborate - Break the paradigm of enterprise-centric security and solve problems with defenders of other enterprises and organizations, such as ISACs and ISAOs.
  • Actionable Context - Auto-extraction and correlation for incidents across sector, supply chain, internal LOBs, open source feeds and more. Gain intelligence beyond IoCs.
  • Add Immediate Value to your Security Team
    • Auto-Redact Reports – Seamlessly sanitize and transmit data securely, without attribution
    • Private Enclaves – Preview correlations of your data with others’ without releasing it
    • Intuitive Interface - Analysis tools, chat, notification and easy integration with your ticketing, SIEM, and 3rd party intelligence providers
  • Operationalize your ISAC feeds - TruSTAR helps your auto-ingest data from information sharing groups and correlate it with AIAA member data, helping you quickly surface the most relevant threats.

TruSTAR members include:

  • Cloud Security Alliance
  • Rackspace
  • Sallie Mae
  • Retail ISAC (R-CISC)

"Rackspace uses TruSTAR as a force-multiplier to help us deter and quickly get to the bottom of incidents and fraud."

Brian Kelly, CSO, Rackspace

Break down security silos to take faster action. Achieve real-time understanding of your own events. Prevent future attacks and save money.  Join the TruSTAR Community today.

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Individual company eligibility is subject to review. Acceptance into the program will be determined by AIAA and TruSTAR.