Brock Lascara Principal Investigator, Urban Air Mobility MITRE

Brock Lascara

Brock Lascara is a Lead Systems Engineer at the MITRE Corporation with 10 years of experience working in the aviation domain. Since joining MITRE, Brock has used his systems engineering and data science expertise to support the FAA in exploring and implementing concepts focused on increasing the interoperation between aircraft and air traffic management systems. Brock performs concept development, requirements development, modelling/simulation, and system validation activities for both flight-deck and ground-based automation systems. In particular, he focuses on implementing time-based management operations and supporting working groups to develop avionics standards for ADS-B applications, such as Interval Management and FIS-B.

In 2017, Brock took on a new role as Principle Investigator for Urban Air Mobility exploration at MITRE. He leads a team exploring the critical challenges and barriers to the Urban Air Mobility vision. His research has focused on challenges associated with airspace integration and safety assurance of autonomous systems.

Brock graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a MS in Systems Engineering and earned a BS in Electrical Engineering at the University of Virginia. He also holds a Part 107 remote pilot certificate.