Carolyn Overmyer Systems Engineering Director Lockheed Martin Space


Carolyn recently became the Director of Architecture and Definition under the Systems Engineering Mission Operations Organization for Lockheed Martin Space.  She is focused on strategic initiatives for systems engineering workforce training, retention and digital transformation.  Prior to her director position, Carolyn spent 12 years as the Orion Service Module Integrated Product Team Manager (SM IPT) for the Artemis 1 and 2 Missions.  She was responsible for the design, development, test and verification of the Orion Service Module and all the mechanisms and pyrotechnics for the entire vehicle.  Carolyn also managed the integration of the European Service Module and created a docking strategy for not only Orion but the whole Gateway infrastructure. 

Carolyn has over 30 years of experience in program management, business development, system engineering, spacecraft design and hardware development for human-rated space-based systems.  She has led multiple international projects including the Russian module integration on the International Space Station and the development of the SPACEHAB International Communication System.  She has also worked on GPS IIF, commercial space payloads, inflatable systems, STS Operations and Intelligence systems. 

Carolyn is a recipient of the NASA Spaceflight Awareness Silver Snoopy Award and Rotary National Award for Space Achievement (RNASA) Stellar Award for her work on Orion.  She was also awarded the 2019 AIAA Rocky Mountain Section Professional Engineer of the Year Award and recently included in the 2020 AIAA Associate Fellow Class.

Carolyn has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Houston.  She is also a commercial, multi-engine, instrument rated pilot.