Darren McKnight Technical Director Centauri Corporation


Darren Mcknight
Dr. Darren McKnight is currently Technical Director for Centauri (formerly Integrity Applications, Inc. (IAI)) based in Chantilly, Virginia.  He leads teams to develop creative solutions across widely disparate domains: global space technology awareness, preventing strategic surprise, modeling infectious disease outbreaks, empirical & analytic assessments of orbital debris, and workforce productivity. Dr. McKnight’s latest book, Make Yourself Indispensable, leverages his years of serving as productivity catalyst for a variety of government and commercial clients in a wide variety of technical domains. 

As a member of the International Academy of Astronautics’ (IAA) Space Debris Committee, he has been active in position paper development, selection of symposia papers, and execution of the annual International Astronautical Congress. Darren has authored over 100 technical papers and presented them in 18 countries. He has appeared on tens of TV, radio, and newspaper interviews including with Discovery Channel, BBC, CBC, Space News, The Space Show, etc.

Dr. McKnight received his Bachelor’s Degree from the United States Air Force Academy in Engineering Sciences, his Master’s Degree from the University of New Mexico in Mechanical Engineering, and his Doctorate from the University of Colorado in Aerospace Engineering Sciences.  He and his wife, Alison, have two daughters, Olivia and Grace.