Gary Grimes Director, Business Development Sustainability World Energy Management Services



Gary Grimes, Director of Business Development Sustainability at World Energy, is focused on environmental issues, carbon neutrality, green energy innovation, and impacting positive change for corporate leaders committed to net-zero goals. In his role, Gary helps World Energy solve for carbon, innovate further, integrate new ways to drive down the carbon score and take the risk on the front side of technology. 

Before World Energy, Gary worked for the oil refiner predecessors at Paramount for 27-years in various capacities, including as a representative to CEC and CARB. During this time, he played a significant role in developing the small refiner provisions of the CARB diesel and LCFS regulations. 

Previously, Gary was a refining industry consultant with Pace Consultants in Houston for 10-years. Before that, he was a senior engineer for Rockwell International, where he contributed to a team that developed long-term disposal plans for high-level nuclear waste at the Hanford Project in Washington State. 

Gary is a recognized expert in the green energy industry and is a frequent speaker and contributor on the business and government policies of renewable energy and jet fuel. Gary holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Montana State University.