Hideharu Miyamoto Executive Director, Corporate Planning Narita International Airport Corporation

Mr. Miyamoto was appointed to Executive Director and Executive Divisional Director of Corporate Planning Division in June 2021. He oversees corporate strategies, investment planning and international affairs at NAA.

He joined New Tokyo International Airport Authority, predecessor of NAA in April 1986. Since joining the NAA, he has been assigned to various positions and have extensive knowledge of IT planning, passenger terminal management and human resource management.

From November 1989 to December 1991, he was seconded to Research & Planning of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). He was in charge of Japan’s airport development planning.

From July 1996 to August 1998, he was seconded to the Heathrow Airport Office of Japan Airlines in the UK, where he gained knowledge in airport operations and management from the perspective of the airline.

Prior to the current position, he served as Senior Executive Officer and Deputy Executive Divisional Director of Corporate Planning Division since July 2019.

He obtained a Bachelor of Geophysics from Ibaraki University in 1986.