Jeanne Yu Director, Technology Integration, ecoDemonstrator Program The Boeing Company


Jeanne Yu Photo

Jeanne Yu is the Director of Technology Integration and the ecoDemonstrator Program for Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA).

Yu’s responsibilities are planning and executing Product Development technology R&D portfolio to meet the needs of current and future commercial airplanes and services.  This includes the innovative ecoDemonstrator Program, a cadence of flight test platforms to accelerate “learn by doing”, collaboration and technology implementation.  Yu also leads Design for Environment and Operational Efficiency focused improvements for energy, emissions, materials and community noise.

She was a key industry leader responsible for conducting first flights with sustainable biofuel blends, establishing viability of sustainable aviation biofuel for commercial aircraft.  Yu has previous experience in Environmental Control Systems, air quality, 787 cabin environment, fire protection systems and certification.

Yu has served on National Academies Transportation Research Board committees, FAA Research Engineering and Development Advisory Committee, International UK advisory for Aviation and Environment, OMEGA and FAA Center of Excellence Aircraft - Cabin Environment.  Yu was inducted as an AIAA Associate Fellow in January, 2019.

Yu received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Illinois and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering – Thermosciences from Stanford University.  Prior to joining Boeing, Yu worked at Sandia National Laboratories.