Jeff Gajda Chief Procurement Officer, Vice President, Sourcing and Procurement Honeywell


For over 20 years, Jeff Gajda has elevated quality performance, consolidated and developed key supplier partnerships to capitalize on volume and technology capabilities, countered competitive threats, and negotiated corporate contracts in leading global supply chain operations. As a results- and values-driven executive, he has led technology, industrial, and automotive companies in achieving profitability, efficiency, and productivity growth.

Using strong leadership and positive energy, Jeff has continually developed strategies and processes, executive-level partnerships, and workplace activities that resulted in best-in-class outcomes. Despite industrywide supply limitations, he has secured parts and materials, crafted strategic capacity agreements, orchestrated supplier quality enhancements, and leveraged global industry relationships.

Jeff's supply chain expertise includes skills in international sourcing, supplier development, tactical negotiations, competitive responses, and disciplined approaches that lead to desired win-win outcomes. He is especially proud of his successes in building internal infrastructures and services from scratch and transforming underperforming organizations into world-class operations with loyal and hardworking team members.

In viewing the big picture, Jeff has decreased costs, boosted customer confidence, and spearheaded significant quality improvements through design, supply chain, and manufacturing simplifications.

Jeff is forward-looking with a focus on shaping a strong future while being disciplined and detail-oriented in meeting day-to-day goals. His passion is learning from personal experience and peer input, overcoming unexpected challenges and changing business priorities, and uplifting individuals.