Jeff Luckett President UPS Flight Forward


Jeff Luckett is President and one of the founding members of UPS Flight Forward Inc., a whole owned UPS subsidiary incorporated on June 14, 2019, established to work with regulators and OEMs to move the UAS/AAM industry forward. On September 27, 2019, UPSFF became the first company to receive a Standard Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate approved by the FAA for UAS operations and has continued to be an industry leader accomplishing many of the industry firsts occurring in the US including the first Part 135 UAS revenue delivery in 2019 and the first Part 135 UAS revenue BVLOS delivery in 2023.

Jeff’s responsibilities also include oversight of the UPS Airline Technology Support Group. Prior to his current leadership roles, Jeff’s 34+ year career at UPS has covered several areas including UPS Airline Flight Operations, Engineering, Network Planning, Long Range Planning, and Aircraft Acquisitions. Jeff has also held supporting roles with the UPS Airline Emergency Response Team, DOD CRAF Program and Humanitarian Air Relief Charters. Jeff graduated from the University of Louisville and has an MBA in Aviation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He also served two tours of duty in the US Navy during the first Gulf War.