Jeff Puschell Principal Engineering Fellow Raytheon Technologies



AIAA Fellow and member of the Talent and Leadership Development Committee

Dr. Jeff Puschell is an internationally recognized Ph.D. scientist engineer with more than 30 years of comprehensive knowledge and experience in successfully developing state-of-the-art earth remote sensing satellite systems. He has been Principal Investigator, Program Manager, Chief Engineer, Chief Scientist, Technical Director or Co-Investigator on 15+ major projects sponsored by governments and private industry in space-based remote sensing, laser-based systems and observational astrophysics, including leadership roles in space-based imaging and remote sensing systems such as MTSAT-1R, VIIRS and CrIS. He is a Principal Fellow of the Raytheon Company, an honor awarded to less than 0.1% of the technical personnel in the Company and Chief Scientist for Space Systems. In their Principal Fellowship award statement, Raytheon’s executive management described Puschell as “… one of the world’s leading space-based remote sensing systems engineers…well known and highly regarded throughout the international remote sensing community as an innovative and insightful remote sensing system architect with exceptionally broad technical skill and knowledge…trusted by Customers … active in working directly with them to translate their remote sensing needs into system architectures and designs.” He is currently Principal Investigator for the NASA-funded Advanced Technology Land Imaging Spectroradiometer (ATLIS) Prototype development, a next generation land imager suitable for small satellites.