John J. Dong Senior Technical Fellow The Boeing Company

Dr. Dong is currently a Boeing Senior Technical Fellow (STF), and is chairing enterprise Engineering Analysis Simulation Integration (EASI) tech board and Digital Enterprise Technical Board (BTEB) at Boeing to drive digital innovation & transformation. He has worked on many Boeing products including but not limited to Space Shuttles, Space Stations, Launch Vehicles, Satellites, 737/747/787/777X airplanes, military airplanes and advanced air/space vehicles, etc. Prior to Boeing, Dr. Dong was a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Connecticut (UConn). He has authored 150+ patents/technical papers/presentations. He is also a Registered US Patent Agent and an active inventor with patented technologies in the areas such as aircraft winglet, solar airplanes, autonomous fix wing and rotor aircrafts, space vehicles, structural health monitoring, AI/machine learning/data analytics, and secured computing, etc.