Mark Cousin Chief Executive Officer A³ by Airbus

Mark Cousin
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Mark is the CEO of A3 by Airbus, a role to which he bringing decades of experience in designing and developing future aircraft. Most recently Mark held the role of Head of Flight Demonstrators in the CTO organization at Airbus. He led a team responsible for launching and operating flight demonstrators to develop technological solutions faster than in a normal R&T organization. He also served as CEO of Airbus Alpha ExO, the Exponential Organization used to facilitate this speed of execution. Previously Mark served as the Technical Director of the Beluga XL, where he designed and built the next generation of outsize transport aircraft for Airbus based on the A330. Mark is a 20 year veteran of Airbus, and is a graduate of Southampton University where he studied Aeronautics and Astronautics before joining British Aerospace Regional Aircraft in the Future Projects department.