Muni Majjigi Consulting Engineer, Acoustics GE Aviation


Muni has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Muni has been with GE Aviation since October 1978. His areas of expertise include aircraft propulsion system acoustic design & technology development, jet shock cell, turbomachinery noise, acoustic liner design & modeling and in-depth knowledge of national & ainternational regulations and standards for aviation noise.

Muni has contributed to successful development, design and noise certification of several
modern GE Aviation products such as GE90 series, GEnx series, CF34 series, LEAP series and Passport 20. He is providing propulsion acoustics design and technology leadership to GE’s new engines such as GE9X which powers Boeing’s B777X and GE’s Affinity engine which powers Aerion’s AS2 supersonic business jet under development.

He led the GE Aviation acoustics team in developing jet noise reduction technology for NASA’s High-Speed Civil Transport (HSCT) program. He also contributed to acoustics technology development for innovative concepts such as GE’s UnDucted Fan (UDF) and later generation open rotors. He has multiple publications and patents to his credit.

Muni provided industry inputs to CAEP as the Chairman of International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Association (ICCAIA) for Environment during CAEP/10 cycle (2013-16) when CAEP decided on the first ever CO2 standards for global aviation. He served as the Vice-chair during CAEP/9 cycle (2010-13) and provided industry inputs when CAEP decided on the Chapter 14 noise regulations which become effective in 2017. Muni continues to provide practical and industrial inputs to both national and international noise regulatory bodies for new initiatives such as supersonic commercial aircraft.