Natalya Bailey CTO and Co-Founder Accion Systems


Natalya Bailey is an experienced leader and investor in deep tech companies. She founded Accion Systems, an ion engine company, leading it for ten years before it was acquired. Most recently, she ran strategy at Bloom Energy, a company making fuel cells and electrolyzers. Natalya is currently serving as a fractional COO/founder, lending her technical expertise in propulsion, electrochemistry, and semiconductors to stand up early finance and go to market strategy for companies including Curated Innovation, a patent and technology strategy firm. She’s passionate about the people side of deep tech companies and building organizations that will be successful and good places to work for the long term. For the past four years she has also held an investment partner role at XFactor Ventures, where she has focused on deep tech and hardware companies founded by women, and she helps a few other funds with technical diligence in new areas like additive manufacturing, space, and quantum computing.