Natasha Neogi Subproject Manager, NASA System-Wide Safety Project, and Assurance of Responsible Automation Technical Lead, Advanced Air Mobility Project NASA Langley Research Center


Dr. Natasha Neogi is currently a Subproject Manager of NASA’s System-Wide Safety Project. She is a also a Senior Researcher at the NASA Langley Research Center where she serves as the Assurance of Responsible Automation Technical Lead on the Advanced Air Mobility Project’s Automated Flight Contingency Management Subproject. Her primary research interests are in the verification and validation of software-intensive safety-critical infrastructure systems, as well as certification issues concerning airworthiness of non-conventionally piloted vehicles. Previously, she was a staff scientist in the Office of the Chief Scientist, NASA Headquarters. She received her Ph.D in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is an associate fellow of the AIAA and was the recipient of the AIAA Robert A. Mitcheltree and PEC Doug P. Ensor Young Engineer awards. She has numerous awards and publications in AIAA, IEEE and ACM conferences and journals.