Rebecca Cointin Deputy Director, Office of Environment and Energy FAA

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Ms. Rebecca Cointin is the Deputy Director for the United States Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Environment and Energy. In that capacity, she works with the Executive Director of the office to lead staff under three primary divisions (noise, emissions, and policy/operations). In addition, she also directs, with the support of the chief scientific and technical advisor, technology development programs and is responsible for the policy, regulatory, modeling and analysis, and scientific/technical aspects of aviation environmental and energy issues. Prior to becoming the Deputy Director of the office in July 2019, she was the Noise Division Manager in the office.

Ms. Cointin oversees operations and research, engineering and development activities to advance the characterization of aircraft noise and emissions, computer-modeling techniques and methodologies to better estimate the environmental and health impacts of aviation related impacts and to assess measures to reduce those impacts. Among the variety of mitigation options explored, the office has an extensive development program that pursues aircraft and engine technologies and alternative fuels to improve performance and reduce environmental impacts. In addition, the program develops environmental certification requirements and explores new entrants such as supersonic aircraft and UAS from an environmental perspective.

Ms. Cointin also serves as the Noise Technical Working Group Co-Rapporteur to the International Civil Aviation Organization's Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (ICAO-CAEP). She has over ten years of experience working with this Committee and its working groups in order to develop noise certification standards and recommended practices for commercial transport aircraft and addressing noise and emissions issues linked to airports and operations. 

Ms. Cointin has seventeen years of experience in policy and regulatory aircraft noise and operations issues both with domestic and foreign authorities. Prior to joining the FAA, Ms. Cointin worked for multiple aviation-consulting firms. Ms. Cointin received her Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and her Masters of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska.