Rob Button Deputy Chief, Power Division NASA Glenn Research Center

Rob Button has been at NASA for 34 years and is currently serving dual roles as Deputy Chief of the Power Division at the NASA Glenn Research Center, and Deputy Technical Fellow for Electrical Power for the NASA Engineering Safety Center (NESC). His early career involved development of the International Space Station (ISS) power generation and distribution system, development of satellite power systems with industry, and research into modular and intelligent power system technologies. From 2007-2009 Mr. Button served as power system lead on the Altair lunar lander project, and for the past 12 years has managed multiple engineering organizations at NASA Glenn developing aerospace power system technologies. During that time he has also led teams to resolve power and avionics failures that were preventing delivery of major spaceflight hardware, and was a leader of battery engineering research that significantly enhanced the safety of several lithium-ion batteries for NASA crewed vehicles. His major awards include a NASA Engineering Safety Center Leadership Award, a NASA Exceptional Service Medal, and a NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal.