J. Scott Drennan Vice President, Innovation Bell

Scott Drennan

Scott Drennan serves as vice president of Bell’s Innovation team. Scott earned a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland and a Masters of Liberal Arts from Southern Methodist University.

He joined Bell Helicopter in 1993 on the V-22 program. He has spent most of his career as both a direct employee and contractor for Bell focused on tiltrotors and other power-lift vehicle technologies.

Scott joined the ranks of Bell’s engineering management team in 2011 while in the middle of an 8-year assignment in Italy supporting the Leonardo-Bell partnership on the 609 program. Recent positions include director & chief engineer of the Bell 609 program and director of Air Vehicle Integration.

Today, Scott is proud to carry on Bell’s rich tradition of innovation as a leader in Bell’s engineering community. The Innovation team’s mission is to radically innovate technologies and aircraft configurations in order to create novel and coveted vehicle lift experiences.