Shireen Datta Aerospace Systems Engineer Aurora Flight Sciences


Shireen Datta is currently working at Boeing/Aurora Flight Sciences as a Systems Engineer on electric and autonomous aircraft programs. Previously, while obtaining her Masters in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech, she collaborated with the FAA and NASA on MBSE-enabled certification streamlining for noise and electric propulsion (through the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory). Shireen also has research experience in space debris mitigation and policy, and has collaborated with the European Space Agency on a bioastronautics student project. 

Outside of aerospace, Shireen has worked on electric vehicles with Jaguar Land Rover and in technology consulting with IBM, while obtaining her Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin. As a multicultural and queer woman of colour, Shireen is passionate about leading and supporting sustainable improvements of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in STEM. Throughout her aerospace career, she hopes to achieve this by normalizing a safe and welcoming industry-wide culture that empowers minorities to reach their full potential. She is currently a DEI chair for Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics (an AIAA IOC), and held leadership positions at the Society of Women Engineers while at Georgia Tech.