Skyler Shuford Founder, Chief Operating Officer Hermeus Corporation

Skyler Shuford is the founder and Chief Operating Officer of Hermeus Corporation with primary effort devoted to hypersonic aircraft R&D, system analysis and test, company growth and strategy, internal process development, corporate communications and brand, and certification planning. Prior to Hermeus, Skyler was the Director of Avionics and Software at Generation Orbit, where he was responsible for design, analysis, manufacture, and test of the in-house developed flight and facility electronic systems and software and was the technical lead for the GN&C analysis, algorithms, and hardware for the X-60A, an Air Force X-Plane for hypersonic flight research. Skyler worked across the aerospace sector with time spent at SpaceX, Aerospace Corporation, Northrop Grumman, and Aerojet. Skyler holds a Master of Science degree with a minor in Computational Science from Penn State and a Bachelor of Science degree from Cal Poly, both in Aerospace Engineering.