Sophia Crowder Student Higher Orbits



Sophia Crowder is a Student Ambassador for Higher Orbits, founder of girl-empowering initiative, ITGirls, and a Space Coast Scholar of the NASA/Virginia Space Grant Consortium. Sophie aspires to inspire the next generation of STEMists, innovators, and space explorers with her work and advocacies. Her biggest aspiration is to be an innovator for the space program as an engineer and/or physicist. Aside from STEM, Sophie is also an avid musician, a trained fencer/martial artist, a multi-awarded essayist, TedEd speaker, as well as a scuba diver and pilot-in-training. She is a staunch advocate for gender equity and serves in the Advisory Board of Être Girls as well as the Girls Advisory Council for IfThenSheCan (both mentorship programs for female empowerment). She was most recently named one of 12 #GirlsOfTheFuture (by the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s IfThenSheCan Ambassador Program) for her Covid-19 invention (the Curie Box) and accomplishments in aerospace science including her winning STEAM experiment with Higher Orbits’ Go-For-Launch program. Sophie is 16 years old and currently pursuing both her high school diploma and Associate’s Degree in Science & Math.