Terrisa Duenas Member of the AIAA Materials TC; Advisor, Consultant, and Serial CEO for Deep Tech Startups


Terrisa Duenas is a member of the AIAA Materials Technical Committee and Moderator for this year's SciTech 2023 Annual Startup Panel at the Hub.  Terrisa is an advisor, consultant, and serial CEO for deep tech startups who need to scale up high-risk high-return technologies into product-market fits within one year. She leverages her background as a Fortune 200 Division Chief Scientist and Startup Executive to guide innovation strategy. She was responsible for the merger of two technology production lines leading to increasing the P&L of the combined organization by $10mm. In her startup work she attracts millions in investment and precision resources that launch teams from pre-revenue to accelerated growth. Her latest startup is a CareerTech platform called ESTE Leverage to help address the growing technical labor gap. She also serves as a Discretionary Technical and Business Assistance (TABA) for those wishing to receive government investment to commercialize their defense technologies.