Vince Schultz Deputy Project Manager for the Maxwell X-57 Flight Project NASA


Vince Schultz has been working in the fields of aviation and aeronautics for almost 40 years.  At AIAA, he is currently serving as the Chairperson for the Aerospace Traffic Management Integration Committee.  As a NASA civil servant, he currently serves as the Deputy Project Manager for the Maxwell X-57 Flight Project and leads the Project’s important efforts to lay the groundwork for certification and regulation acceptance of electric technologies as enablers for the next generation of innovative electric aircraft, working closely with FAA and International Certification offices. He is the NASA lead representative to the ASTM F44 General Aviation (GA) Standards Committee, serving on their Executive Committee.  He coordinates all NASA responses in support of GA standards development, especially in the area of electric propulsion.  He has leveraged the knowledge gained from X-57 to contribute as the Team Leader for Regulations & Standards within NASA’s Electric Powerplant Flight Demonstration (EPFD) Project, further sharing lessons learned and identifying ways forward to help commercial interests advance the development of hybrid-electric vehicles.  Both Projects reside within the Integrated Aviation Systems Program (IASP). 

He has previously served in various levels of increasing responsibilities at the NASA Langley Research Center, to include supervisory lead positions and project management positions.  Prior to his NASA career, he worked for several years at the FAA in Washington, DC, primarily in the areas of Systems Engineering and Investment Analysis, where he pioneered commercial service acquisitions. He has a Masters in Engineering Management from George Washington University, and a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia.