Closing Remarks for the MLK Day Tribute 18 January 2021 1325 - 1330

The concluding finale to the day’s tribute will be presented by Dexter Johnson, PhD – Engineer, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Minister. Dr. Johnson is the NASA Technical Fellow for Loads and Dynamics, supporting the NASA Engineering and Safety Center. Johnson also is an AIAA Associate Fellow and this year’s recipient of the AIAA Diversity and Inclusion Award, recognizing his significant contributions to advancing diversity and inclusion within the aerospace and astronautics community through his AIAA collaborations with students and industry partners. He extends his expertise through his service as the NSBE Aerospace SIG Aerospace Partnership Director. 


Dexter-JohnsonDexter Johnson
Ph.D., NASA Technical Fellow - Loads and Dynamics, AIAA Associate Fellow/Structural Dynamics TC Chair, NSBE Aerospace Special Interest Group/Aerospace Partnership Director

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