Career Insights: Working at NASA 25 January 2023 1200 - 1230

Interested in working for one of the most dynamic agencies in the federal government? NASA panelists will answer questions on how to get involved, what to expect, what to do now to be prepared to apply, where you can find open positions or internships, what types of roles are in the NASA organization, and much more!

Theme:  Workforce Connections

  • Alana-Cober-2023 Alana B. Cober
    Senior Advisor, Human Capital Transformation and Acting Division Director, Talent Strategy & Engagement, NASA Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer
  • Elizabeth-H-Giovanni Elizabeth H. DiGiovanni
    Senior Advisor for the Future of Work, and Founding Chair of NASA RAVE (Remote and Virtual Employees), NASA Langley
  • Jennifer-Kibler Jennifer Kibler
    Deputy Director, Intelligent Flight Systems, Research Directorate, NASA Langley
  • Dan-Levy-2023 Dan Levy
    Public Affairs Specialist | Talent Acquisition, NASA HQ | Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer