Forum 360: Navigating the Future of Aviation Sustainability: Decarbonizing the Skies 13 June 2023 0930 - 1130

The aviation industry plays a significant role in the global economy, connecting people and businesses around the world. However, aviation is responsible for a growing percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change. To address this challenge and meet the net-zero 2050 goals, the industry is focusing on decarbonization efforts now, including alternative fuels, electric and hybrid-electric aircraft, and other innovative technologies.

The session will explore the latest developments in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), including production, supply chain, and infrastructure considerations. The panelists will also examine the potential of new technologies such as electric and hybrid-electric aircraft, exploring the technological and regulatory hurdles that must be overcome to bring these innovations to market.

Finally, the session will highlight the role of partnerships and collaboration in driving progress toward a more sustainable aviation industry. Panelists will share best practices and success stories from collaborations between airlines, airports, and other stakeholders in the industry.
  • andreaskollbye Andreas Kollbye Aks
    Chief Strategy Officer, Widerøe
  • Roberto Guerrero Roberto Guerrero
    Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Operational Energy, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Energy
  • James-Hileman James Hileman
    VP and Chief Engineer for Sustainability & Future Mobility, The Boeing Company
  • John-Katsoudas-2023-1 John Katsoudas
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Influit Energy
  • Kolin-Schunck-2023 Kolin Schunck
    Senior Manager, Strategic Innovation and Intelligence, Lufthansa Innovation Hub
  • Bruno-Silva-2023 Bruno SIlva
    Environment Officer, Long-Term Aspirational Goal for International Aviation (LTAG), Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), International Civil Aviation Organization