From Initial Concept to Fully Parametric Product Model in Under 30 Minutes – A Brisk Walkthrough of Model-Based Aircraft Design Environment Pacelab APD 13 January 2021 1100 - 1130

The presentation illustrates the conceptual design of an aircraft from configuration definition, graphic geometric modeling of the fuselage and its compartments, selection of powerplant options to multi-level analysis and design space exploration of key design parameters.

About the Presenter
As one of the three founders and Managing Partners of PACE, Alexander Schneegans was instrumental in driving the enterprise from start-up to its current status as a trusted partner of leading aerospace organizations around the world. Alexander heads the business line Preliminary Design & Evaluation, which focuses on developing software solutions supporting the design and marketing of complex, highly engineered products such as aircraft and their sub-systems. Alexander earned his engineering degree in 1992 from Technische Universität Berlin, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, where he also served as a research assistant before starting his own company.