SUAS/ALE Aerial Recovery 13 June 2023 1330 - 1400

SUAS/ALEs have become valuable military assets but have limitations on their endurance and range. Further, most currently are recovered via belly or skid landing, which is not possible for operations over blue water. Even when recovering on land, the ALE’s airframes and payloads are jeopardized. To remain affordable, they must utilize inexpensive sensors with limited performance. ALE Aerial Recovery will be a game changer: ALEs can be recovered over blue water and no longer will airframes and payloads be jeopardized. ALEs will be able to carry high performance sensors that will dramatically improve the ALE’s effectiveness. This presentation will show GA-ASI’s concept for SUAS/ALE aerial recovery, the mission cost benefit of SUAS/ALE aerial recovery, and our technical roadmap.

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  • Mike-Allwein-2023 Mike Allwein
    Technical Director, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.