OpenFOAM® CFD Dynamic Mesh Modeling – Online Short Course (June 7, 2023) 7 June 2023 0000 - 0000 Online

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OpenFOAM® CFD Dynamic Mesh Modeling

Instructed by Mr. Matej Forman, OpenFOAM training team leader, ESI Group

Wednesday 7 June 2023


  • Live 1-day interactive online course
  • 1030-1930 Eastern Time (730-1630 Pacific Time)
  • Learn OpenFOAM CFD Advanced techniques for Aerospace with a combination of lectures and associated hands-on lab exercises
  • All course notes and exercises will be available for download.No sessions will be recorded.
  • All students will receive an AIAA Certificate of Completion at the end of the course


This course covers dynamic mesh capabilities of OpenFOAM, covering simulations of rotating bodies (propellers, turbines, wheels), 6DoF and adaptive mesh refinement. At the end of the training, attendees will have the opportunity to download prepared example setups for additional self-study. 

An experienced trainer from OpenCFD – the company delivering official distribution of OpenFOAM every 6 months - will be presenting practical training based on the latest release. Training is based on mixture of lectures and hands-on exploring simple applications run on a cloud computer.  More information can be found at

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the AMI sliding interface is built in the mesh
  • Familiarize with the prescribed and 6DoF type of movements
  • Understand the motion setup from simple to complicated configurations
  • Learn best practices for moving body configurations

Who Should Attend
The Dynamic mesh course is suitable for existing users of OpenFOAM seeking to broaden their knowledge of OpenFOAM to simulate propellers, or other rotating or translating bodies or floating or falling objects. The Course is designed to impart important background knowledge to be able to use OpenFOAM effectively. The aim of the training is not only to show how to use OpenFOAM but as well to explain how it works to help users understand the choices they make on meshing, numerics and boundary condition setup with respect to the desired results.

Course Registration Fees (Sign-In to Register) - Take advantage of the discounted pricing for this course through AIAA!
- Non-Member Price: $695 USD
- AIAA Member Price: $495 USD
- AIAA Student Member Price: $295 USD

Classroom hours / CEUs: 8 classroom hours / 8 CEUs

Contact: Please contact Lisa Le if you have questions about the course or group discounts (for 5+ participants).

Detailed Outline:

  • Library describing individual motion types
  • Meshing strategies for AMI and ACMI interfaces
    • Propeller fan simulation setup
    • Passing bodies using ACMI
  • Overset mesh (chimera grid) setup
    • Counter-rotating blades
    • 6DoF floating body
    • Moving domain
  • Advantages and disadvantages of modeling approaches
  • Post-processing
  • Best practices and hints on mesh generation and simulation setup

Course Delivery and Materials

  • The live course will be delivered via GoToMeeting.
  • Access to the course will be provided to registrants near the course start date.
  • Access to the software and individual logins will be provided through cloud computing.
  • All slides and exercises will be available for download. No part of these materials may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted, unless for course participants. All rights reserved.
  • Sessions will not be recorded.

Matej Forman, leads the OpenFOAM training team, is based in Europe working as part of the core OpenFOAM team at OpenCFD for the past 8 years, and has worked with OpenFOAM for the past 13 years. His academic background is in combustion, heat/mass transfer and multiphase flows. In addition to his lead training responsibilities, Matej develops documentation and training materials for meshing best practices, physical modeling and numerical controls.


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