AIAA Propulsion Aerodynamics Workshop (PAW)


PAW Objectives:

  • Assess the numerical prediction capability (meshing, numerics, turbulence modeling, high-performance computing requirements, etc.) of current-generation CFD technology/codes for inlets, diffusers, and nozzles and their propulsion-specific boundary conditions.
  • Develop practical modeling guidelines for CFD prediction of propulsion flow fields.
  • Determine the elements of propulsion aerodynamics that are critical for modeling to enable the development of more accurate prediction methods and tools.
  • Enhance CFD prediction capability for practical propulsion aerodynamic design and optimization.
  • Promote education and mentoring of the next generation of propulsion CFD engineers.

General Information:

  • PAW is patterned after the Drag Prediction Workshop (DPW) series. Participation in the propulsion workshop studies is not required to attend the workshop; everyone is welcome.
  • Open, unbiased forums are included in the workshop to discuss the results and promote cross-pollination of best practices.
  • The PAW6 test cases will include supersonic hot round jet plumes and supersonic inlets with boundary layer bleed.
  • Student scholarships ($500) will be awarded to top student presentations as decided by the committee.
  • Top presentations will be invited to submit papers for special conference session in 2024.
  • Please visit for further workshop details and test cases.


For more information or questions about the workshop, please contact the PAW committee at

Organized by the AIAA Inlets, Nozzles & Propulsion Systems Integration Technical Committee.



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