Building Our Off-World Future (On-demand Webinar) 29 May 2020

 On Demand Recorded Webinar

On 29 May 2020, an ethicist, an astronaut, an engineer, and a business leader convened for a spirited discussion about the return to human spaceflight and how close we are to building a sustainable civilization beyond Earth. This session covers:

  1. How to cope with inherent human challenges – both physiological and psychological – to living and working off-Earth.
  2. Technical and design solutions needed to expand off of planet Earth to other worlds.
  3. Our ethical responsibility as this journey unfolds, and how we ensure we meet it.

This panel discussion is part of a new series of online events powered by ASCEND. In future sessions like this, ASCEND will give you the chance to:

  • See the impact of new research across government, civil, and commercial
  • Hear how domestic and foreign policies are affecting the space economy
  • Build new partnerships that can help you achieve your business goals

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