Tech Talk Series: Advances in Flight Mechanics Modeling and Simulation with Dr. Rafael Lugo 12 January 2023 1100 - 1230 (Eastern Standard Time) NASA Langley Research Center, 1 Nasa Dr, Hampton, VA, USA & Virtual

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Come and enjoy a lunch & learn Technical Seminar hosted by the AIAA Hampton Roads Section.

Flight mechanics modeling and simulation is an area of continuous development. One of the industry-standard simulation tools in the Program to Optimize Spacecraft Trajectories II (POST2) is developed and maintained in-house at Langley Research Center. Recent uses of this tool include assessing GN&C performance of human-scale Lunar and Mars landing systems using generalized low- and medium-fidelity navigation sensor models required for precision landing. This talk will review recent POST2 simulation developments, as well as how current and planned advances in GN&C modeling enable rapid assessment of spacecraft integrated performance.

Rafael-LugoDr. Rafael Lugo is an aerospace engineer in the Atmospheric Flight and Entry Systems Branch at NASA Langley Research Center. Since 2019 he has been a Civil Servant at NASA LaRC, and is currently the flight mechanics integrated performance simulation lead for the NASA/SpaceX Artemis Human Landing System. He is also the lead developer for the Program to Optimize Spacecraft Trajectories II (POST2).