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Featured Upcoming Courses

  • Introduction to Aeroelasticity: From Basics to Application

    Fundamentals of Space Domain Awareness

    12–13 SEPTEMBER 2023

    Understand the areas of Space Domain Awareness (SDA) that are focused on the actionable knowledge required to predict, avoid, deter, operate through, recover from, and attribute cause to losing or degrading space capabilities and services.

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  • Introduction to Aeroelasticity: From Basics to Application

    Spacecraft Design, Development, and Operations


    Learn how to apply numerous engineering disciplines to the design and analysis of spacecraft including the process involved with the ascent of a spacecraft into orbit, a history of spacecraft, current and future launch vehicles, the pre-launch and launch environment, and spacecraft orbits and trajectories.

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  • Transatmospheric and Space Propulsion

    Fundamentals of High Speed Air-Breathing and Space Propulsion


    This course examines five classes of engines (both deployed and being developed) from the perspective of their underlying physical principles. The equations used to determine the thrust produced by airbreathing rockets, ram/scramjets, detonation wave engines, arcjets, and ion thrusters are developed highlighting relevant issues and approximations in their use.
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Featured On-Demand Courses

  • Aircraft Maintenance Management – Online Short Course

    Aircraft Maintenance Management

    Learn the necessary skills to systematically manage maintenance operations within an MRO facility and identify key considerations in maintenance inventory and supply chain management.

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