The AIAA ICME Working Group with the support of Composite Design and Manufacturing HUB (cdmHUB), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Rolls-Royce Corporation funding have established an ICME prize for the best aerospace-focused ICME project.

This bi-annual award (the next prize to be presented at AIAA SciTech 2022) will not only include recognition at an AIAA SciTech forum itself, but will also provide a $1,500.00 team award. Furthermore, each winning project and project team will be given special consideration for internship or follow-on effort to further realize the benefit of the proposed project with one or more of the sponsoring organizations: cdmHUB, NASA, and/or Rolls-Royce.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Next ICME Prize Time Schedule

  • Description of Contest, RFP Release and Meeting at SciTech 2020
12 January 2020
  • Letter of intent due to the ICME award team (OPTIONAL)
2 February 2020
  • Contestants Submit Proposed Project Descriptions
24 August 2020
  • Acceptance (or rejection) letter to Contestants
1 October 2020
  • Contestants Submit Final Report to the ICME award team
1 December 2021
  • Each team must give final presentation
SciTech 2022
  • Winning team announced during the Recognition Luncheon
SciTech 2022


Past Award Recipients


Award: 2020 ICME Prize
AIAA Citation:Integrated Computational Modeling for Efficient Material and Process Design for Composite Aerospace Structures
Dr. Anthony M. Waas, Dr. Royan J. Dmello, Dr. Marianna Maiaru, Robert W. Koon, Dr. Thomas Sutter, Dr. Folusho Oyerokun, Tsukasa Harrington, Dr. Anoush Poursartip
GE Global Research


Award: 2018 ICME Prize
AIAA Citation:Modeling-driven damage tolerant design of graphene nanoplatet/carbon fiber/epoxy hybrid composite panels for full-scale aerospace structures
Julie M. Tomasi, William A. Pisani, Sorayot Chinkanjanarot, Aaron S. Krieg, Julia A. King, Ibrahim Miskioglu, Gregory M. Odegard
Michigan Technological University

Evan J. Pineda, Brett A. Bednarcyk, Sandi G. Miller
NASA Glenn Research Center