Missile Systems Award Open for Nominations 10 July 2024 1 October 2024

This award is presented for excellence in developing or implementing missile systems technology. It can be presented for a significant accomplishment in developing or implementing technology that is required for missile systems or for inspired leadership of missile systems programs. The candidate must have demonstrated expertise in fundamental technical disciplines that has led to substantial improvement in missile systems or innovative leadership that has established an environment in which creativity in missile system technology implementation can flourish and which led to the successful completion of a major program milestone by a government agency or an industry team.

This award is presented biennially (in odd-numbered years) and is generally presented at the AIAA DEFENSE Forum.

Accepting Online Nominations: 10 July (Even-numbered years)
Nomination Deadline: 1 October (Even-numbered years)
Endorsement Letters Deadline: 1 November (Even-numbered years)

Award Recipients


  • Mr. Mark A Weiner
    MIT Lincoln Laboratory
    Award: 2023 AIAA Missile Systems Award
    AIAA Citation: For significant national contributions to the development of surface-to-air and air-to-air missile systems and countermeasures through rigorous analysis and testing of radar and seeker technologies.


  • Ralph H Klestadt
    Raytheon Missiles & Defense
    Award: 2021 AIAA Missile Systems Award
    AIAA Citation: For over four decades of technical contributions and outstanding leadership in the advancement of missile systems technologies.


  • Dr G. Satheesh Reddy
    Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
    Award: 2019 Missile Systems Award
    AIAA Citation: “For over three decades of significant national contributions towards indigenous design, development and deployment of diversified strategic and tactical missile systems, guided weapons, advanced avionics and navigation technologies in India.”
  • Mr Rondell J Wilson
    Raytheon Missile Systems
    Award: 2019 Missile Systems Award
    AIAA Citation: “For exemplary technical leadership and innovation that has significantly advanced the performance and capability of the world’s premier Missile Defense Systems.”


  • Eugene L Fleeman
    AIAA Citation: For development of methods for missile design and systems engineering


  • Dr William T Carpenter
    AIAA Citation: For over 30 years of significant technical contributions and leadership in the field of missile defense in both government and industry.
  • Louis A Cassel
    AIAA Citation: For 45 years of sustained technical contributions to missile systems technologies with focus on MaRV technologies, aerodynamic and ground flight testing, navigation systems and interceptor technology.


  • Ernest J Ohlmeyer
    Aero Science Applications (Ret)
    AIAA Citation: For significant technical contributions to the design and analysis of guidance, navigation, and control systems for Navy missiles, and expertise with the Standard Missile system.


  • Dr Tony C Lin
    Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
    AIAA Citation: For a sustained record of achievement in the field of vehicle performance analysis, modeling, simulation and design, and for support to the AF MD21/W87 Life Extension Program.


  • Dr William C McCorkle
    US Army RDECOM
    AIAA Citation: For dynamic leadership in missile research and development and championship of innovative cooperative problem solving which has resulting in critical technological advances for the United States Army


  • George R Schneiter
    AIAA Citation: For outstanding qualities of leadership, integrity and technical excellence in the management of the nation’s strategic and tactical missile systems while pioneering acquisition reform in the Department of Defense


  • Peter Betterman
    AIAA Citation: For outstanding leadership and managerial contributions to the development of the longbow fire-and-forget missile system achieving an unprecedented success rate during development and test while maintaining the original program milestones.
  • Mr. Darell B Harmon Jr.
    BDM International, Inc.
    AIAA Citation: For excellence in the development of missile technologies leading to the current family of non-nuclear interceptors.


  • Mick L Blackledge
    AIAA Citation: For outstanding leadership and technical depth that enabled SDIO to respond successfully to the 1991 Missiles Defense Act with affordable, high performance kinetic energy interceptors
  • Mr. Jack H Kalish
    AIAA Citation: For broad-ranging contributions to the development evolution of strategic and tactical missile systems and for inspired leadership of the AIAA Missile Systems Technical Committee


  • L David Montague
    AIAA Citation: For outstanding technical and managerial contributions to the national defense through the development of the Polaris, Poseidon and Trident missiles and demonstration of strategic nonuclear exoatmoshperic ballistic missile defense systems


  • Mr. Frederick C Corey
    AIAA Citation: For technical and program leadership in integrating aerodynamic propulsion, structure, and avionics missile technologies to achieve a flyaway break through on the Tacit Rainbow attack weapon system


  • VADM Glenwood Clark
    AIAA Citation: For outstanding technical and management contributions as Branch Head, Technical Director of the Navy''s Strategic Systems Project Office, which were crucial to the successful development and deployment of the Poseidon and Trident generations of the Fleet Ballistic Missile System


  • J Michael Gorman
    AIAA Citation: For over 27 years of providing outstanding systems engineering management and innovative engineering solutions for the highly successful development of the US ICBM force


  • Daniel M Tellep
    AIAA Citation: For over 25 years of major technical and leadership roles in the research and development of advanced missile/payload systems and for his contributions to the success of each generation of Fleet Ballistic Missile programs.


  • Vahey S Kupelian
    AIAA Citation: For initiating and managing development of major advances in performance interceptor missile technology, thus forming the basis for credible BMD interception within various ballistic missile threats and scenarios


  • RADM Wayne E Meyer
    WE Meyer Corp
    AIAA Citation: For extraordinary effort, exceptional competence in Naval Combat Systems engineering and outstanding management ability demonstrated as Project Manager of AEGIS Weapon System during development, production and successful testing at sea, and the subsequent AEGIS Shipbuilding effort


  • John B Buescher
    AIAA Citation: For outstanding technical leadership and innovative systems management, which were instrumental in the successful development, deployment and support of five generations of the Fleet Ballistic Missile System--from POLARIS A-1 to TRIDENT