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Momentum Member Spotlight - December 2014

Dec 16, 2014, 11:03 AM
Title : Momentum Member Spotlight - December 2014
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Momentum Member Spotlight – December 2014

AIAA Congratulates Jackson A. Morris

by Duane Hyland, AIAA Communications


JacksonMorris_largeRefreshed from its time in the DC area, the AIAA Member Spotlight swung south this month, falling on the state of Alabama and illuminating Jackson A. Morris, a student member of AIAA at the University of Alabama’s Honor College and College of Engineering – Aerospace Engineering, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Morris is the recent recipient of the 2014 Ellis F. Hitt Digital Avionics Scholarship, presented by the Digital Avionics Technical Committee.

“Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by aviation,” Morris said, when asked about his inspiration to enter aerospace as a course of study. He went on to note “I suppose lots of people have a ‘phase’ in their childhood where they love planes, and I just never grew out of it. As a career, I first wanted to be a pilot, then an air traffic controller, but my parents encouraged me to stay involved with sciences and so I looked to combine my love of aviation and science to study aero engineering.” Based on his love of aircraft, it came as no surprise that Morris intends “to work in aircraft design,” upon the completion of his studies.

Jackson feels that AIAA is a great organization for students to join, noting: “AIAA does a great job at being an outreach of the aerospace community. It’s able to serve as a great bridge between students and companies, and provide great ways to get students in touch with connections in the fields they want to work in. In my opinion all that needs to be done is continue what everyone’s doing now.”

When it comes to the value of the professor–student relationship, Jackson said, “In my own experience, my professors have done an amazing job with my education. They’ve talked about different paths to take in the aerospace community, written letters of reference, offered advice and research opportunities, and have always been able to help me with any questions I have.” But, he also noted, more generally that “all professors should keep their students informed about the many potential options they have working in the aerospace industry. It’s one of the most diverse out there, with many different career choices available. ”

“So far, AIAA has provide so much to me, like Design/Build/Fly, my local chapter’s events, and others opportunities,” said Jackson, when asked about the value of what AIAA offers students. He concluded: “I’m not sure what else is really necessary, though I’m sure there are things others would think of.”

When asked about the general value of AIAA to members, Jackson opined: “I find the value incredible. AIAA is such an amazing source of knowledge, connections, and news in the aerospace world that there’s really no substitute for. Anyone who wants to know everything and anything about the aerospace community should be involved, especially those studying in this field.”

When asked about the scholarship he had won, Jackson replied, “I’m extremely honored that I have the opportunity to represent AIAA.” He continued, letting his “Tide pride” show, “I’m also glad that UA’s growing aerospace program can be recognized as well!”

AIAA congratulates Jackson Morris on his receipt of the Ellis F. Hitt Digital Avionics Scholarship, and his selection as the AIAA Member Spotlight of the Month for December 2014. We wish him the best as he continues his studies, and look forward to how he will help shape the future of aerospace.

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