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Young Professional Profile July 2019

Sep 20, 2019, 14:33 PM
Title : Young Professional Profile July 2019
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Description : Nathan K. Long
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Nathan-Long-Name: Nathan K. Long

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Currently lives: Canberra, Australia


  • Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering) (Honours) - RMIT University (2014–2018)
  • Masters by Research in Computer Science (Trusted Autonomy) - University of New South Wales (2019–Present)

Employer: Defense Science and Technology Group

Job Description: Research Engineer (Cadet)

The development of a novel control technique for a swarm of autonomous vehicles, and the analysis and simulation of multi-vessel interactions.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you “grew up”?
An astronaut, and still do.

How far can YOU see? Where do you see the aerospace industry 10–20 years from now?
I believe the fourth industrial revolution will have a huge impact on the aerospace industry. Automation of the majority of aircraft functions will drastically reduce the number of crew onboard. Hypersonic airliners will be in limited use, while aircraft powered by renewable energy will become the new norm. The space industry will flourish, with the range of public and private actors increasing severalfold. Humankind will have a functional permanent presence on the moon, and will have made contact with the Martian surface. The next frontier for human exploration will become the upper Venusian atmosphere.

One insightful fact you want everyone to know: We must act now to try and mitigate the negative impacts of climate change.

Professional Interests: To develop autonomous intelligent robotic systems for extraterrestrial exploration.

Hobbies: Flight training, hiking, camping, tennis and volleyball.

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