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Siemens Proves Feasibility Of Superconducting Electric Propulsion

Aug 14, 2019, 10:38 AM by Lawrence Garrett
14 August 2019
Aviation Week reports that “using experiments and digital simulations, Siemens’ eAircraft said it has proved the feasibility of a high power-density superconducting generator that could be used in a hybrid-electric propulsion system for future short-haul commercial aircraft.” Siemens is performing “laboratory tests of the 2-megawatt SP2000 conventional, non-superconducting electric motor that will power Airbus’ E-Fan X hybrid-electric regional aircraft demonstrator in 2021.” (Image: Siemens' eAircraft technology at Siemens Innovation Day USA in Chicago, 27 March 2018. | Jean-Marc Giboux - Associated Press–©)
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