Boeing Competes For “Scarce” Aerospace, Defense Workers Written 17 July 2018

In an article titled “Military Spending Is Up, But Aerospace And Defense Workers Are Scarce,” the New York Times reports that the “aviation and defense industries in Europe, Asia and the Americas” are “struggling to fill new positions created by increased military budgets.” The topic is cited as a likely source of discussion at this week’s Farnborough Air Show. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) “put the increased demand for aerospace and mechanical engineers over the next decade at 6 percent to 9 percent and software developers and information security analysis at 24 percent to 28 percent.” According to Accenture Global Managing Director for Aerospace and Defense John Schmidt, the “US defense budget is the big dog in global military spending.” In a statement, The Boeing Company spokesman Chaz Bickers adds that while “competition for skills is fierce, we continue to attract and recruit incredible talent globally.” 
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